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Spiritual Healing: We offer free spiritual healing to everyone and have several healing centers through out the world. Visit our healing videos of arthritis healing, brain cancer healing, immune disorder healing, kidney healing, stroke healing, paralysis healing and other diseases.  We have recorded many cases of people healed from back disorder, cancer, kidney disorder, prostrate and other diseases.  If you are interested in getting spiritual treatment or advice then contact Peer Usman or his student guides.

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 Welcome to Peer Usman Free Healing and Cure
Fourteen centuries ago, when Allah sent down the Quran, He promised to protect every word of it. There is no doubt that since then not a single letter of this book has changed.  Allah says:
"We sent down in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss"   (The Holy Quran, Chapter Israa, 17:82)
Peer Usman is a spiritual guide who offers alternative treatment to diseases through free healing, based on Quranic verses. Over the centuries holistic guides have developed healing methods based on Quran and other holy scriptures that have healed even the most terrible diseases. Peer Usman has successfully healed thousands of people suffering from arthritis, cancer, liver, kidney, paralysis, prostrate, backache, hepatitis, spinal disorders and other diseases, specially those with kidneys, stroke, arthritis, spinal and paralysis issues. This healing is so powerful that in many cases patients have received instantaneous healing response.
 Munshi Mohammad Ramzan Free Hospital
The sole purpose of this hospital is to offer free healing and treatment to everyone irrespective of his or her religion, status or condition. The hospital with 27,000 square foot of coverage has 22 patients rooms. Each patient room is equipped with a bed and an attached bath.
Future plans and donation needs: Currently the Hospital and the Rehabilitation Center are mainly run with the help of volunteers and the financial support provided by Peer Usman. The main expense includes food and lodging for the admitted patients and the needy people. We have limited supply of medicines and medical equipment. Our intention is to increase medical staff from one doctor to five doctors and broaden the services that can be offered for patients who come for healing. We are in dire need of more patient rooms and hospital beds. More>>   
 Success Stories of healing
Stroke Healing: I had a stroke attack about a month ago and lost movement and functionality in my right arm and leg. After 2 healing treatments from Peer Usman, I was able to start moving my arm and walk fluently (Toronto, Canada).
Blood Cancer healing: My daughter had blood cancer. She has now received 10 healing sessions over the period of 2.5 months, one session per week, and now feels much much better. Since starting this healing and "dum", she had no blood in the stool (Pakistan).
Brain cancer healing: I had a surgery for brain tumor and during the surgery the optic nerve was damaged and I lost vision in my left eye. After 4 healing treatments from Peer Usman, my vision improved and my left eye vision also started to coming back (Toronto, Canada).       
Arthritis healing: My condition had become so bad that when I was on a bed or on a couch, I couldn't get up without assistance. I also had severe pain in my knees due to Arthritis. After just 3 days of daily healing treatment, I start getting up from chair or couch by myself without any pain and assistance (Toronto, Canada).
Immune disorder cure: I had blood disorder of white cells. After receiving few healing treatment from Peer Usman, my reports became clear and now I am free of the blood disorder by the prayers of Peer Usman and his spiritual Quranic healing (Pakistan).
Kidney Issues: I had kidney problems. My right kidney was removed and left kidney had cancer. I also had knee problems. I came to see Peer Usman here in Calgary. After one healing treatment my knee problems are gone and I am hopeful that God willing soon my kidney problems will also go away with continues healing treatment.
Spine and Back Issues: I have been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis (AS) for over 35 years. I tried all types of available medicines including allopathy, homeopathy, physiotherapy, occupuncture etc before giving up on them. After receiving 4 sessions of spiritual healing from Peer Usman, my condition dramatically improved. I could not bend myself for years and now I can even touch my knees while standing (Canada).

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  Peer Usman Quranic guide
I was given these healing powers about 25 years back by Allah to heal people suffering from different diseases including cancers, immune disorders, spine and back problems, kidney issues and hepatitis (particularly paralysis). I have treated hundreds of thousands of ailing persons around the globe. People call me Peer Usman but I am not a typical peer or a charlatan, neither am I a guide that charges any fees. I don't give or write taweez. My treatment is based on healing through Quranic verses. This is not exactly like Reiki healing but is based on the same fact that all healing comes from God who has all the power.  Like Reiki, this is a simple and safe method of spiritual healing. I have found this healing effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady.

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Quranic Treatment
The Quran is a book of guidance that provides principles that guide the development of knowledge in various disciplines. It does not go into details about each problem or disease. For instance, honey is described in the Quran as a cure but the details is left to us to research and discover its uses.  About the honey, the Quran says:
There emerges from their bellies a drink (honey), varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for people who give thought (The Quran, 16:69)
The Quran described the disease of Prophet Ayyub (Jacob) and its eventual cure. The Quran describes how Prophet Jesus cured chronic diseases. There are several means to getting healing such as spiritual healing, medicine, alternative medicine etc.. but it is Allah who cures, "Allah Huwa Al Shafi".
Quran tells us that Prophet Ibrahim said: "And when I am ill, it is He (God) who cures me"    Surah Ash-Shuara 26:80

For many decades our modern civilization has neglected the religious and spiritual aspects, but a number of recent scientific studies confirm the benefit from the Quran in treating various diseases specially stress, anxiety, fear, obsession, etc.. The results in 80% of the cases surpassed other psychological treatments.

 Epilepsy Healing: I want to thank Peer Usman for treating my son who had epilepsy for the last three years. After about seven to eight months of the spiritual healing treatment and ruqyah from the spiritual guide, Peer Usman, my son is now disease free and there are no signs of epilepsy. I would encourage everyone who have this epilepsy disease to come to Peer Usman for spiritual healing so that they can also benefit.
Paralysis Healing: A month ago, I had a stroke attack that paralyzed my body. I couldn't walk and lost my sight as well. A friend of mine brought me to Peer Usman Hospital. After, I received one healing session and ruqyah "dum", I was able to start walking. And now after few more healing sessions and Ruqyah "dum", I am perfectly all right. By the Grace of Allah and God Willing, people will keep getting healing and benefit from this hospital which is dedicated for humanity.
 Intense Pain Relief: I am an advocate by profession. I had severe pain and couldn't even walk. I went to see Peer Usman as per my friend's recommendation. I found that his spiritual healing was all Islamic; it was based on Quranic verses and was offered free to every one. After the spiritual healing, my pain has mostly gone now and I am in much better condition. This is a great humanitarian work and I pray that Allah give more blessings in this work.