Peer Usman is in UK,   +44 74 2402 3060, +44 74 2700 5739, +44 79 4947 1158

Birmingham: Every Saturday and Sunday (10:00 AM to 02:00 PM)
1 High Street, Princes end, Tipton, Birmingham, DY4 9HU

Tel UK: +44 74 2402 3060, +44 74 2700 5739, +44 79 4947 1158 | Tel USA: +1 715 578 6786

Peer Usman: I was given these healing powers about 25 years back by Allah through an enlightened spiritual person to heal people suffering from different diseases including cancers, immune disorders, stroke, parkinsons, kidney disorder, epilepsy, skin problems, spine and back issues, hepatitis, paralysis and many others. By the Grace of Allah, I have treated hundreds of thousands of ailing persons across the globe. People call me Peer Usman but I am not a typical peer or a charlatan, neither am I a healer that charges any fees. I don't give or write taweez. My healing is through Quranic verses.

Free Healing: I offer this healing absolutely free and do it entirely as a service for humanity. I have no personal gains attached to it neither do any of my students charge any fees. I have students in several countries including America, Canada, Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, India, Pakistan, and United Kingdom.

Healing Centers: Besides the places that offer this healing service to people in various countries mentioned above, I have two large non-profit organizations that are offer these healing services to hundreds of people every week. These are MMR Free Hospital (Munshi Mohammad Ramzan Free Hospital) in Hasilpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan and WW Foundation (Walk Welfare Foundation) in Lahore, Pakistan.

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